Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy Mothers Day !


Baru ade mase nk update sbb harini (16 mei), hari guru , so , ponteng skolah ler.

So , mothers day pun 11 May ,skrg 16 May . Lambat gile post . haha .. janji adekan?

Maybe , Im not the one who always said ' love you mom' , the one who always said 'thanks mom for giving birth of me' , the one who always ' you look so gorgeous mom' , etc
but , still ,in my heart , i still love my mom , always thankful , i have mom like no others , although i dont express my love with words from my own mouth.

Firstly ,

If  i saw , unusual or crazy things when i was with my mom and sisters at a mall * i often go to mall , eventho waktu sekolah , balik sekolah terus gi* , i'll share it with badrina *the one who sat beside me* guess what she replied . " Adlina mmg selalu kuar jln2 eh? bestnye. kalau kite ,xbole sbb mak ayah kite sume busy,"
Since tht , i was so thankful i have such a great mom tht always knew her daughters well *yea , i keep complaining to ibu tht i really love to go out , eventho xbeli brg , window shopping is the better than duk perap dlm rumah*  (Y)


Bila ada report card ,mak ayah mesti dtgkan ? yea,true . but for me , ibu je selalu dtg ,sbb report card skolah selalu buat waktu school days , so , abah kan kerja . Dah kalau camtu , mesti sume pernah nmpk mak ayah kwn masing2 kan? same goes to here . :P  pernah tu , mak kwn tnya , "mak adlina umur brp ?" and i replied ," 48 hehe" "oh ye ke? nmpk muda lah . mcm 40 baru" hahaha. i dont know , tu sume nak sedapkan hati or what , but ramai jugaklah ckp mcm tu . hahaha. dont you be the most happiest daughter in the world kalau org ckp camtu ? hehe

thirdly ,

I have a very sporting mom in the world . Ade pernah tu , it was wednesday , january 2014 . I saw a abg tht is sooo handsome , waktu perjumpaan kpo *kadet polis* . balik tu, terus ckp kat ibu , "ibu , tadi Na jumpa abang ni . handsoooome sgt!" , guess what she replied , "ye ke?form brp?" hahaha .. i thought ibu nak marah ke ape . hahah . ye lah , ade tu , kalau anak die tnya ,mesti mak die marah , pdhl ckp hensem jer kan? bukan ape pun . heee

fourthly ,

i dont have any phone for now . yes , 14 thun xde phone . kawan2 keep asking , bile adlina nak ade phone.
i told to ibu , "kwn2 na asyik2 tnya bile na nk ade phone," "nak ke?tu samsung y tu ade gunalah , nnti beli nombor baru," "taknaklah , guna ipad lgi best , bukan ade ape2 pun dlm phone tu, boring lah ," itu satu , ibu xpernh marah if i got any social network account and i dont even care , nk connect with kwn2 using social network , dlm ipad tu i done installed wechat , so yea.


i really love my ibu . without ibu im nothing ,without ibu i will not living in this fanaa world. thanks for giving birth of me ,thanks for taking care of this lil girl ni , thanks for accepting me to way i am , thanks for always ther for me . dah la xnak ckp banyak . words can describe how much i love you ibu :*

p/s : kakak will go back to SI soon ,5/6 june
kak abby will go studying aboard to SA soon , 1st june.
so , tinggal i sorg , the youngest girl dgn bukhari . sorg menengah sorg rendah . hm

xoxo ,
your youngest daughter :*

Love You To The Moon And Back